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Why Play Blind Golf?

It Is Not Just About The Golf!

How is Blind Golf Played Photo of Blind Golfer at Tee People in general often think that it is essential to be able to see or have good eyesight to play golf.

Anyone Can Play Golf

Not only blind and visually impaired people but many with disabilities line up to enjoy whacking the little white ball around and love to hear the thrill of the ball dropping into the cup.

A great deal of enjoyment is experienced by not only the golfers but also their helpers as they see their player conquer every shot.

The blind or visually impaired are able to enjoy the friendship and exercise the game provides; but most of all the thrill of hitting a good shot.

And The Competition!

There is also the challenge of competition against other blind golfers as well as enabling them to compete with fully sighted players using the handicapping schemes.

Blind golf is played all over the world. There are currently fifteen national associations that organise events in their country. In addition the International Blind Golf Association (IBGA) sponsors open tournaments in Australia, Canada, Great Britiain, Italy, Japan, Austria, Ireland, South Africa and the USA.

The IBGA World Blind Golf Championships take place every two years.

The most recent took place at Milnerton Golf Club, Cape Town, South Africa in 2023 and in 2025 this tournament will be staged in August 2025 at The Greens at Renton, Simcoe, Ontario, Canada.

Competitions can be played off scratch within each sight category or off handicap across all sight categories. The IBGA has developed a Handicap Scheme that is operated by all member associations and is used for international competition.


International Blind Golf Association

Join Us And Enjoy Participating In Blind Golf

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